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Đề Cương Ôn Tập Môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 7 - HKI

                                                            TEST 1

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.

  1. 1.               A. leave                           B. read                               C. ready                             D. pleased
  2. 2.               A. hungry                        B. June                              C. month                            D. mother
  3. 3.               A. stay                             B. vacation                       C. last                                 D. late
  4. 4.               A. great                            B. beach                            C. teacher                          D. meat

II. Choose the option that best fits each of the blanks.

  1. 5.       __________ visiting Halong Bay? –That’s a good idea!

           A. How about                 B. Let’s                              C. What about                  D. A&C are correct

  1. 6.       Does Nam often play marbles __________recess?

           A. on                                B. at                                   C. in                                   D. between

  1. 7.       Students have two __________each day.

           A. 20-minutes breaks    B. 20-minute breaks        C. 20-minute break          D. 20-minutes break

  1. 8.       __________do you go to bed? - At nine.

           A. What                           B. When                            C. What time                     D. Where

  1. 9.       Hanoi is the capital city, but it is __________than HCM City.

           A. the smaller                 B. smaller                          C. smallest                        D. small

10.  The summer vacation usually __________for almost three months.

           A. is lasting                     B. lasts                               C. is                                    D. will last

11.  My homework __________about two hours each day.

           A. takes                           B. costs                              C. uses                               D. spends

12.  She learns __________to use a computer in Computer Science classes.

           A. how                             B. what                              C. which                            D. when

13.  Which is the eighth month of the year?

           A. September                  B. February                       C. November                    D. August

14.  -Where ____________________ from ? –England.

           A. is she                          B. does she come             C. will she be                    D. A&B are correct

15.  Farmers work mainly __________.

           A. in their farms             B. at their farms               C. on their farms              D. from their farms

16.  How__________is it from your house to school? – It’s about 2 kilometers.

           A. old                               B. much                             C. far                                  D. often

17.  Nam likes bananas and apples, and I do, __________.

           A. so                                B. too                                 C. either                             D. neither

18.  In the future, robots and machines __________all the work for us.

           A. are doing                    B. will do                          C. does                               D. do

19.  Nam is __________fixing household appliances.

           A. good at                       B. good for                        C. good in                          D. bad for

III. Choose the best option to fill in the missing information.

Schools in the USA (20)________ a little different from schools (21)________ Vietnam, there is no school uniform. Classes start (22)________ 8.30 each morning and the school day ends at 3.30 or 4 oclock. There are no lessons on Saturdays. Students have one hour for lunch and two 20-minute breaks each day. One break is (23)________ the morning, the other is in the afternoon. Students often go to the school cafeteria and buy snacks and drinks at a break or at lunchtime. The most popular after school activities (24)________ baseball, football and basketball.

  1. 20.           A. are                               B. is                                    C. be                                   D. will be
  2. 21.           A. on                                B. at                                   C. in                                   D. to
  3. 22.           A. in                                 B. between                        C. on                                  D. at
  4. 23.           A. on                                B. at                                   C. in                                   D. from
  5. 24.           A. are                               B. is                                    C. will be                           D. be

IV. Reorder the given words to make sentences.

25.  week / days / a / six / Lan / to / goes / school.



26.  show / the / Could / me / post office / the / to / you / way ?


27.  How / is / from / house / the / market / it / far / your / to ?


28.  sometimes / play / marbles / recess / We / at /.


V. Give the correct form of the words in brackets.

29.  We ____________________in grade 8 next year.                                            (be)

30.  Our friends ____________________in the school library at the moment. (read)

31.  Listen! Mai ____________________very well.                                            (sing)

32.  Minh and I ____________________TV every night.                                (watch)

VI. Read the passage and answer the questions below.

Mai is a seven-grade school girl at Nguyen Dinh Chieu Junior High School. Her father is a teacher. He teaches English six days a week in a junior high school nearby. Her mother is a nurse. She looks after sick people in a local hospital. Her elder sister is a journalist. She writes for a local newspaper in her hometown.


33.  What does Mai do?


34.  What does Mai’s father do?


35.  What does Mai’s mother do?


36.  What does Mai’s sister do?


37.  Where does her mother work?


VII. Fill in each blank with a suitable preposition.

38.  Our classes always start ________7 o’clock ________the morning.

39.  She lives ________her parents________a big house.

40.  They work ________the farm from 7.00 AM________5.00 PM.

41.  ________Geography, I learn ________present and past events.

VIII. Rewrite the following sentences as directed.

42.  Would you like to go to the movie theater?

       @ What about_________________________________________________________________

43.  When is your birthday?

       @ What ______________________________________________________________________

44.  There are forty students in my class.

       @ My class ___________________________________________________________________

45.  Nam walks to school every day.        

       @ Nam  goes__________________________________________________________________

IX. Match a sentence in column A with a suitable answer in column B.




46.  How often you clean the room?

47.  Let’s go somewhere for a swim.

48.  What do you often do after lunch?

49.  What is Mai doing?

50.  Do they often go fishing?

A.  It’s a good idea!

B.  She is playing the guitar.

C.  Once a week

D.  No, they don’t.

  1. I usually listen to music.







------THE END------


                                                                           TEST 2

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest.

  1. 1.                    A. capital                      B. than                               C. small                                  D. have
  2. 2.                    A. studying                   B. much                             C. subject                              D. music
  3. 3.                    A. children                   B. school                           C. cheap                                 D. watching
  4. 4.                    A. time                          B. minutes                         C. hospital                             D. swimming
  5. 5.                    A. teacher                     B. each                              C. heavy                                D. cheap

Choose the best option to complete these following sentences.

  1. 6.       Ha Noi is the capital city of Vietnam, but it is ________than Ho chi Minh City.

             A. the smaller               B. smaller                          C. smallest                             D. small

  1. 7.       Minh ________watching cartoon on television every night .

             A. enjoying                   B. enjoys                           C. enjoy.                                D. enjoyed

  1. 8.       Students have two________each day.

             A. 20 minutes breaks B. 20-minutes break        C. 20-minute breaks            D. 20- break minutes

  1. 9.       They ________English in class at this time.

             A. are studying            B. is studying                   C. study                                 D. studies

10.  It's time ________recess. Children often play hide-and-seek ________recess.

             A. for/at                        B. at/at                               C. on/at                                  D. to/at

11.  Her father is a ________. He works in a hospital.

             A. worker                      B. farmer                           C. doctor                                D. teacher

12.  Vietnamese students have ________vacations than Ameriacan ones.

             A. few                            B. fewer                             C. fewest                                D. a few

13.  This house is more ________than that one.

             A. cheap                        B. expensive                     C. bigger                                D. small

14.  He enjoys________pictures.

             A. to draw                     B. draws                            C. drawing                             D. draw

15.  Don’t work too much, Mai. You ________now

             A. relax                         B. can relax                      C. should relax                     D. will relax

16.  How many hours a day does Mr John usually work, Lucy?

             A. she usually works 8 hours a day.                    B. he usually works 8 hours a day.

             C. Lucy usually works 8 hours a day.                 D. I usually work 8 hours a day.

17.  How far is it ________your house ________school? - It is about 2 kilometers.

             A. from/on                    B. from /in                        C. from /at                             D. from/ to

Use the given words to make sentences.

18.  They / soccer / play / often / recess / at


19.  his new friends/is/talking/Nam/to/.


20.  goes/bus/My father/work/to/every day/by/.


21.  do / you / physics / When / have?


22.  school/We/to/from/to/ Monday/go/Saturday/in Vietnam./


Match a question in column A with a suitable answer in column B.




23.  What time does the library open?

24.  Where do you live?

25.  How often do you go swimming?

26.  Would you like to listen to music?

27.  What’s your favorite subject?

28.  When is her birthday?

29.  How do you go to school?

30.  When will your birthday be?

A. Yes, I’d love to

B. It’s science

C. at 7 A.M

D. Next Monday.

E. By electric bike.

F. It’s on 25th May

G. Twice a week

H. At 12 Ly Tran Phu Street









Read the passage and do the tasks that follow.

Lan’s father is a doctor. He works in a hospital in the city. He (26)_______work at 7.00 and rerurns home at 5.00 every day. He stays in the hospital at night twice a week. He doesn’t have many (27)_______.

In his free time, he often plays (28)_______. It’s also (29)_______favorite sport. He gets about 7 public (30)_______each year.

A. Choose the best option to complete each blank.

  1. 31.               A. start                          B. starts                             C. starting                              D. started
  2. 32.               A. days off                    B. day off                          C. off days                             D. off day
  3. 33.               A. tennis                       B. skipping                       C. games                                D. chess
  4. 34.               A. his                             B. her                                 C. its                                       D. their
  5. 35.               A. vocations                 B. vocation                       C. holiday                              D. holidays

B. Read the passage again and then answer the following questions. 

36.  Where does Lan’s father work?


37.  Does he have many days off?


38.  What does he often do in his free time?


39.  How many public holidays does he have each year?


40.  What is his favorite sport?


                                                               TEST 3


Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest.

  1. 1.                A. so                              B. no                                  C. go                                       D. do
  2. 2.                A. score                         B. favorite                         C. author                               D. portable

Choose the best option to complete each of the following semtences.

  1. 3.       Look! Here is Nam. He __________the guitar in the room.

           A. play                          B. plays                             C. is playing                          D. will play

  1. 4.       She __________some of her friends to her birthday party next week.

           A. invites                      B. inviting                         C. will invite                         D. going to invite

  1. 5.       I have English class__________seven o’clock __________Monday.

           A. at / on                       B. on / on                           C. in / at                                 D. at / at

  1. 6.        __________a lovely living room!

           A. How                          B. What                             C. It                                        D. When

  1. 7.       Let’s __________to school.

           A. going                        B. to go                              C. go                                       D. goes

  1. 8.       Mr. Jones has __________summer vacation every year.

           A. a three-week           B. a three weeks               C. a three- weeks                 D. a week- three

  1. 9.       There isn’t  __________water in the bottle. It’s empty.

           A. a                                B. any                                C. many                                 D. some

  1. 10.   I’m going to stay  __________my grandparents.

           A. with                          B. to                                   C. at                                        D. on

  1. 11.   It’s  __________in the winter and__________ in the summer.

           A. cold/hot                   B. hot/cold                        C. warmcold                         D. hotter/warm

  1. 12.   What about  __________fishing?

           A. go                              B. going                             C. to go.                                 D. to going

  1. 13.   __________a cup of coffee? –Yes, I’d love to.

           A. Would you to like  B. Do you would              C. Would you like               D. Would you

  1. 14.   There is __________work in the city than in the country so her father often goes there.

           A. less                           B. few                                C. more                                  D. much

  1. 15.   We study about different countries in ______ class.

           A. literature                  B. geography                    C. history                              D. math


Choose the underlined words that need correcting.

  1. 16.   It take me ten minutes to go to school every day.

            A                       B                     C                 D

  1. 17.   I’ll go and seeing mom and dad on their farm.

       A                   B                   C                 D

  1. 18.   We work very hardly but we enjoy our work very much.

                A                   B                     C                            D

  1. 19.   Theater programs usually have lots of informations.

                             A                       B        C              D

  1. 20.   There will be more than 8 billion people on the world in 2020.

                  A                                       B                 C                         D

Match column A with column B





  1. 21.   How often you clean the room?
  2. 22.   Let’s go to the circus.
  3. 23.   What do you often do after school?
  4. 24.   What is she doing now?
  5. 25.   Where are Nam and Minh?

A. Great!

B. She is rehearsing a play.

C. They are in the garden.

D. Twice a week

E. I usually play soccer.






Read this passage and choose the word to fill each gap with only one word.

 A year, or a calendar year (26)            1st January to 31st December, has 365 or 366 days, which are divided into twelve (27)            . The (28)            month of the year is January and the last month is (29)            . February has twenty-eight days. April, June, September and November have thirty days. All the rest have thirty-one (30)            .

  1. 26.            A. from                          B. between                        C. among                               D. to
  2. 27.            A. years                         B. weeks                            C. months                              D. days
  3. 28.            A. one                            B. first                                C. last                                     D. only
  4. 29.            A. December                B. November                    C. May                                   D. June
  5. 30.            A. years                         B. days                               C. weeks                                C. months

Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

  1. 31.   Tomorrow, she (invite)                                           all friends to her birthday.
  2. 32.   My father (listen)                                       to the radio everyday.
  3. 33.   He (do) _____________________ Math now.
  4. 34.   Jane (play)                                       the piano at the moment.
  5. 35.   Look and Listen! The boys (play)                                   the guitar.

Read the passage and answer the following sentences.

Both Nam and Minh are students in grade 7A at Nguyen Van Troi Primary School. Nam is taller and bigger than Minh. Minh is not as good at English as Nam. Nam always studies well and willingly helps worse classmates. Different from Nam, Minh is a bit lazier. He doesn’t even do his homework at home and often goes to internet services to play games. At the end of the first semester, Nam is the best student in his class while Minh is the worst.

  1. 36.   Which grade are Nam and Minh in?


  1. 37.   Who is the shorter student?


  1. 38.   Who studies well?


  1. 39.   Who often play games?


  1. 40.   Who is the best student?



                                                               TEST 4

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest.

  1. 1.                 easy                           B  please                            C  people                               D  already
  2. 2.                 A  study                         B  subject                          C  computer                          D  difficult
  3. 3.                 A  music                        B  lesson                            C  listen                                 D  answer
  4. 4.                 A  price                          B  ring                                C  right                                   D  science
  5. 5.                 A  marbles                     B  games                            C  exercises                          D  earphones

Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.

  1. 6.       Her full name is Vo Thi Sau so her ________name is Thi.

            A. family                       B. middle                           C. last                                     D. full

  1. 7.       How ________is it from the hospital to the nearest bus stop.

            A. far                              B. long                               C. much                                 D. high

  1. 8.       ________a lovely view!

            A. When                        B. Where                           C. How                                   D. What

  1. 9.       They will ________badminton next Sunday.

            A. play                           B. to play                           C. playing                              D. plays

  1. 10.   Which is the ________apartment?

            A. best                            B. better                             C. more                                  D. most

  1. 11.   Children should ________to bed early.

            A. going                         B. go                                   C. to go                                  D. goes

  1. 12.   ________don’t you come to my house? –OK. Let’s go.

            A. When                        B. Let’s                              C. What                                 D. Why

  1. 13.   Tam enjoys ________soccer so much.

            A. plays                         B. to play                           C. playing                              D. play

  1. 14.   What about ________Ha Long Bay?

            A. to visit                       B. visiting                          C. visit                                   D. visits

  1. 15.   Would you like ________badminton?

            A. to play                       B. play                               C. plays                                 D. playing

  1. 16.   Mai learns how ________a computer.

            A. uses                           B. using                              C. use                                     D. to use

  1. 17.   My brother is good ________English.

            A. from                          B. with                               C. at                                        D. in

  1. 18.   Hoa________more friends in Hanoi than in Hue.

            A. have                          B. has                                 C. had                                    D. to have

  1. 19.   Lan is________student in my class.

            A. the best                     B. better                             C. good                                  D. good at

  1. 20.   She________at 12 Tran Hung Dao Street.

            A. live                            B. lives                               C. living                                 D. to live

Use a suitable preposition to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. 21.   American students take part ________different activities at recess.
  2. 22.   They often go swimming ________ Sunday morning.
  3. 23.   The nurse takes care _________ sick people.
  4. 24.   I get up ________6 o'clock________the morning.
  5. 25.   I have Music________Saturday.

Read and choose the best option for each blank.

The Vietnamese students take part in different after-school (26)______. Some students play sports. They often play soccer, table (27)______badminton. Sometimes they go (28)______in the swimming pools. Some students like music, drama and movies. They often practice playing musical instruments in the school music room. They join in the school theater group and usually rehearse plays. Some are members of the stamp collectors’ club. They often get (29)______and talk about their stamps. A few students stay at home and play video games or computer (30)______. Most of them enjoy their activities after school hours.

  1. 26.             A. actions                      B. action                            C. active                                D. activities
  2. 27.             A. tennis                        B. volleyball                     C. ping pong                         D. basketball
  3. 28.             A. walking                     B. swimming                     C. running                             D. fishing
  4. 29.             A. in                               B. each other                     C. together                            D. another
  5. 30.             A. tools                          B. science                          C. equipment                        D. games

Read and then answer the questions

John Robinson is an English teacher in the USA. He teaches English at a high school in Hanoi. Now he is looking for an apartment near the school. There are three empty apartments. The first one is the big apartment. It’s comfortable, but it’s very expensive. The second one is also a lovely apartment, but it’s quite expensive, too. The last one is smaller than the other two, but it’s the cheapest of the three. It has a bright living room, two bedrooms,  and a large modern kitchen. Mr. Robinson thinks the third apartment is the most suitable for his family.

  1. 31.   Where is John from?


  1. 32.   What does he teach in Hanoi?


  1. 33.   What is he looking now?


  1. 34.   Which is the most expensive apartment?


  1. 35.   Is the cheapest apartment the most suitable for his family?


Rewrite the following sentences as directed.

  1. 36.   Lan / studying / be / English now.       (use the given words to make a sentence)


  1. 37.   He is an intelligent boy.

     @ What an______________________________________________________________________

  1. 38.   Let’s go to the movies.

     @ How about____________________________________________________________________

  1. 39.   His address is 23 Le Loi Street. (make question for the underlined part)


  1. 40.    No one in the class is taller than Nam.

     @ Nam is_______________________________________________________________________

------THE END------

                                                                        TEST 5

Choose the best option to complete these following sentences.

  1. 1.       ________does Lan have science class? -At 8:40

            A. When                        B. What time                      C. How long                       D. Why

  1. 2.       Those books at the ________of the library are in English.

            A. front                         B. back                                C. Shelf                               D. on

  1. 3.       In the USA, students________school uniforms.

            A. wear                          B. wearing                          C. don’t wear                     D. wears

  1. 4.       They are interested________literature.

            A. on                              B. at                                     C. in                                     D. back

  1. 5.       Ba learns to repair household appliances in________class.

            A. Physics                     B. Electronic                      C. Biology                          D. Math

  1. 6.       ________do you go to the library? - once a week

            A. How long                 B. How often                      C. How                                D. When

  1. 7.       There aren’t ________good movies at the moment.

            A. any                            B. much                               C. some                               D. a lot

  1. 8.       Would you like ________to my house for lunch?

            A. come                         B. coming                           C. to come                          D. go

  1. 9.       What about ________to the zoo on Sunday?

            A. to go                         B. going                               C. goes                                D. go

  1. 10.   Ba and Hoa usually ________cartoon on TV on weekenks.

            A. watch                        B. are watching                  C. watches                          D. to watch

  1. 11.   They are interested in ________Chinese.

            A. speaking                  B. speak                              C. speaks                            D. to speak

  1. 12.   Science books are on the shelves ________the left of the room.

            A. at                               B. in                                     C. on                                    D. to

  1. 13.   My uncle enjoys________, but he doesn’t like________.

            A. dancing/singing      B. dance/sing                     C. dancing/sing                  D. dancing/sing

  1. 14.   He ________a play for school anniversary celebration at present.

            A. rehearses                 B. is rehearsing                  C. rehears                           D. to rehears

  1. 15.   In________, we do some experiments.

            A. Math                         B. History                           C. Music                             D. Chemistry

  1. 16.   How is her new school ________her old school?

            A. different from         B. different                         C. from                                D. from different

  1. 17.   Will you ________free tomorrow evening?- Yes, I will.

            A. are                             B. be                                    C. is                                     D. am

  1. 18.   What ________expensive dress !

            A. is                               B. are                                   C. an                                    D. a

  1. 19.   In her ________class, she studies maps and learns about different countries.

            A. English                     B. Math                               C. Literature                       D. Geography

  1. 20.   Why ________you come along? – Yes, maybe I will.

            A. do                              B. are                                   C. don’t                               D. will

Choose the underlined part that needs correcting.

  1. 21.   It take ten minutes to go from my house to school.

           A               B                     C                              D

  1. 22.   Maybe I’ll go and seeing mom and dad on their farm

                    A                  B                  C                  D

  1. 23.   We work very hardly but we have fun working together.

                 A               B                        C               D

  1. 24.   I think we have few vacations than American students.

           A                     B            C                                       D

  1. 25.   Many peole think that students have a easy life.

           A                  B               C                        D

Read the passage again and then answer the following questions.

 John and Peter are twin brothers in an American family. Their characters are quite different. John is outgoing, generous and helpful. He likes school far more than Peter does. He spends his free time reading, sometimes helping her mother with the household chores. Different from John, Peter is quite reserved in public and lazy, too. He spends all his free time playing computer games and he takes no care of his study. At the end of the first semester, John is the best student in his class while Peter is the worst.

  1. 26.   What are their names?


  1. 27.   Where do they live?


  1. 28.   Who likes school?


  1. 29.   What does John spend his free time doing?


  1. 30.   What does Peter spend his free time doing?


Rewrite these following sentences as directed.

  1. 31.   Tim’s father has more holidays than Hoa’s father.

      @ Hoa’s father has _______________________________________________________________

  1. 32.   Why don’t we go to the cafeteria?

      @ What about __________________________________________________________________

  1. 33.   Let’s go shopping with us.

      @ Why don’t you ________________________________________________________________

  1. 34.   Where do you live?

      @ What’s ______________________________________________________________________

  1. 35.   We have a break that lasts thirty minutes.

      @ We have a ___________________________________________________________________

  1. 36.   He goes to the library three times a week. (make questino for the underlined part).


Give the correct form of the words in brackets.

  1. 37.   Mai is ___________________________ girl of three sisters. (beautiful).
  2. 38.   The blue dress is ______________ the red one. (cheap).
  3. 39.   Watching television is __________________________ reading books. (interesting).
  4. 40.   My father ________________ to the radio every day. (listen)